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Claim # Claimant Claim date ↑ Forum Type Condition Plausibility Responses Description
51 Bloodscan Africa (BloodScan) Aug. 12, 2011 Website Analyses Health Untested and implausible 0
This company claims that its proprietary blood analysis system "provides you with a benchmark of your current health status". Read more
54 Patrick Holford (Smart Kids Brain Boost) Aug. 10, 2011 Radio commercial Improves Mental performance Untested and implausible 3
Holford does a voice-over advertising this supplement aimed at children. Read more
49 Boiron Laboratories (Oscillococcinum) July 10, 2011 Advert on M-Net Alleviates Flus and colds Implausible 1
Boiron claims that a homeopathic remedy called Oscillococcinum relieves fly symptoms. Read more
47 Boehringer Ingelheim (Pharmaton) July 7, 2011 Advert on SABC TV Boosts Immune system Tests are disputed or inconclusive 0
50 BioBalance (Good Food Wellness Drink) July 6, 2011 Direct marketing Treats AIDS Untested and implausible 0
BioBalance together with ATKA Pharma are marketing their fulvic acid product(s) to dietitians, claiming that it reduces HIV viral load. Read more
46 Tibb Herbals (Septoguard) July 4, 2011 Advert on Highveld Stereo Boosts Immune system Untested 0
43 Solal Technologies (Craving Control) June 15, 2011 Advert in Beeld Newspaper Helps Stop Smoking Untested and implausible 0
This advert claims that several products can prevent heart disease or help you give up smoking and reduce the risk of a heart attack. Read more
42 A Vogel (Echinoforce) June 14, 2011 Advert on SABC TV 2 Prevents Flus and colds Untested 0
A Vogel ran an advert at 18h45 on 14 June 2011 on SABC 2 claiming that Echinoforce prevents colds and flus and boosts the immune system. Read more
41 Clicks (Apple Cider) May 30, 2011 Clicks marketing Supports Weight Loss Implausible 0
Clicks Pharmacy markets Apple Cider as a supplement to supports weight loss Read more
48 Aconite Medical Suppliers (Revivo Tea) May 23, 2011 E-mail and Google Advertisements Treats AIDS Untested and implausible 2
This is a Google ad promoting Revivo tea as a treatment for AIDS. Read more
40 Patrick Holford (Mood Food) May 18, 2011 Advert on Cape Talk 567 Radio Improves Mood Untested 1
Holford does a voice-over advertising his Mood Food supplement. Read more
38 Dr Boxall's May 10, 2011 Flyer Treats AIDS Untested 2
Dr Boxall's claims that Sutherlandia Frutescans boosts immunity in people with AIDS Read more
39 Dr Boxall's May 10, 2011 Flyer Reduces Weight Tests are disputed or inconclusive 0
Dr Boxall's claims that Hoodia Gordonii reduces weight and obesity Read more
36 Abha Light May 2, 2011 Website Treats AIDS Untested and implausible 0
Abha Light claims to treat HIV and Elephantiasis in Nairobi, Kenya, using homeopathic remedies. Read more
37 The Global Natural Healthcare Trust May 2, 2011 Website Treats AIDS Untested and implausible 0
This UK funded charity runs a clinic in Orange Farm near Johannesburg in which they treat people with HIV using herbal remedies. Read more
35 Solal Technologies (ACES Plus) April 10, 2011 Advert in Cape Times Cures Hangovers Untested 0
Solal ran an advert in the Cape Times claiming that their products are a quick fix for hangovers Read more
34 Imuniti Holdings Ltd (Imuniti Nutritional Supplement Combo (INSC)) March 23, 2011 Statement to JSE Treats AIDS Implausible 0
Imuniti Holdings claims that its product treats HIV in a press statement aimed at the Johannesburg Stock Exchange Read more
29 Vulcan Silver March 3, 2011 Website Treats Infection Untested and implausible 0
66 Solal Technologies (Healthy fast foods) March 1, 2011 Advertisement in Shape magazine Reduces Aging Untested and implausible 2
The advert claims that the supplements will reduce aging, provide all of the nutrients needed Read more
27 Power Balance Feb. 28, 2011 Website Improves Balance Untested and implausible 0
See the entry for a similar claim by Quantum-Leap: http://www.quackdown.info/quackdown/claims/23/ Read more