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Claim # Claimant Claim date Forum Type ↑ Condition Plausibility Responses Description
32 Solal Technologies Aug. 26, 2010 Advert in The Star Vitamin D functions as a vaccine Untested and implausible 3
Solal placed an advert in The Star claiming that Vitamin D is as effective as a vaccine. Read more
4 HIVEX Dec. 14, 2010 Website and Timeslive article Treats AIDS Untested and implausible 4
5 Rath Health Foundation Nov. 30, 2004 Advert in Mail & Guardian Treats AIDS Untested and implausible 1
Matthias Rath and Anthony Brink placed adverts in the Mail & Guardian and several other newspapers in which they claimed that vitamins reverse the course of AIDS and that antiretrovirals ... Read more
6 Aconite Medical Suppliers (Revivo) May 18, 2007 Website Treats AIDS Untested and implausible 0

Aconite Medical Suppliers made claims on the website www.revivotea.co.za that herbal supplement Revivo works as a treatment for HIV. A consumer complaint was lodged by Mr. Patrick Linzer to ASASA. ... Read more

7 Gogo's Traditional Medicines (GTM) (Bantam Tonic and Pisces Tonic) June 6, 2008 Advert in Sowetan Newspaper Treats AIDS Untested and implausible 2
The advertisement posted by Gogo's Traditional Medicines (GTM) was for two products: Bantam Tonic, which GTM claims increases CD4 count, and Pisces Tonic, which is said to guard against opportunistic ... Read more
9 Damaansa Holdings Ltd. (Faith Drops) April 1, 2010 Website Treats AIDS Untested and implausible 2
TAC lodged a consumer complaint against Damaansa Holdings’ Internet advertisements promoting “FaithTM” Drops. The advertisements (which were published at http://immune-booster.synthasite.com and www.cancercure.co.za) claim that patients with illnesses including, Malaria, AIDS, ... Read more
13 SA Natural Products Pty (Ltd) (A Vogel Neuroforce) Dec. 1, 2010 Advert in Weekend Argus Treats Mood disorders Untested 2
A very important decision of the ASA regarding what degree of expertise will be considered as sufficient. Read more
15 Homeopathy for Health in Africa Feb. 11, 2011 Website Treats AIDS Tests are disputed or inconclusive 0
The website states, inter alia: “Homoeopathy works by stimulating and enhancing the immune system and therefore it is precisely in this disease(AIDS) that homoeopathy can be most effective”. It also ... Read more
16 Kalahari Moshaweng Health Center Feb. 19, 2010 Online PDF Treats AIDS Untested and implausible 2
TAC received information that the Kalahari Moshaweng Health Center in Kuruman, Northern Cape, was providing homeopathic and naturopathic supplements to patients with TB and/or HIV under the supervision of MD ... Read more
20 Secomet (Ithemba Lesizwe) Oct. 1, 2006 Website Treats AIDS Tests are disputed or inconclusive 1
The Stellenbosch-based manufacturer of Secomet V claimed it lowered the viral load of HIV positive patients. However, Secomet V (marketed as “Ithemba Lesizwe” or hope of the nation) has never ... Read more
28 HIVEX Jan. 19, 2011 Times Live Treats AIDS Untested and implausible 0
29 Vulcan Silver March 3, 2011 Website Treats Infection Untested and implausible 0
34 Imuniti Holdings Ltd (Imuniti Nutritional Supplement Combo (INSC)) March 23, 2011 Statement to JSE Treats AIDS Implausible 0
Imuniti Holdings claims that its product treats HIV in a press statement aimed at the Johannesburg Stock Exchange Read more
36 Abha Light May 2, 2011 Website Treats AIDS Untested and implausible 0
Abha Light claims to treat HIV and Elephantiasis in Nairobi, Kenya, using homeopathic remedies. Read more
37 The Global Natural Healthcare Trust May 2, 2011 Website Treats AIDS Untested and implausible 0
This UK funded charity runs a clinic in Orange Farm near Johannesburg in which they treat people with HIV using herbal remedies. Read more
38 Dr Boxall's May 10, 2011 Flyer Treats AIDS Untested 2
Dr Boxall's claims that Sutherlandia Frutescans boosts immunity in people with AIDS Read more
48 Aconite Medical Suppliers (Revivo Tea) May 23, 2011 E-mail and Google Advertisements Treats AIDS Untested and implausible 2
This is a Google ad promoting Revivo tea as a treatment for AIDS. Read more
50 BioBalance (Good Food Wellness Drink) July 6, 2011 Direct marketing Treats AIDS Untested and implausible 0
BioBalance together with ATKA Pharma are marketing their fulvic acid product(s) to dietitians, claiming that it reduces HIV viral load. Read more
53 Bioptron Light Therapy System (Bioptron 2) Aug. 29, 2011 Website Treats Herpes Simplex Untested and implausible 0
This company sells extremely expensive devices that are essentially just glorified lights. The company claims its devices are complementary treatments for a range of illnesses. Read more
55 Medical Mineral Solution (Miracle Mineral Solution) Sept. 4, 2011 Website Treats AIDS Untested and implausible 1

It was claimed on the website http://www.mms-africa.co.za/ that Miracle Mineral Solution boosts the immune system and is able to treat a number of bacterial and viral conditions including HIV and ... Read more

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