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Claim number: 62

Claimant: BodyDetox

Claim date: March 16, 2012

Brand name: Body Detox

Forum in which the claim was made: Website

Claim methodology: Supplements

Frequency with which the claim is made by this claimant: Frequent

Actual claim: Detoxes Kidneys

Plausibility of this claim: Untested and implausible


This company claims its products detoxify various organs in the human body.


BodyDetox sells a wide range of untested medicines that it claims detox the body and treat a wide variety of conditions including candida, arthritis, sinusitis, allergies and heart disease. The company claims its products boost the immune system and treat the colon. Product ingredients include magnesium, Hawthorn Berries, Celery, Motherswort, Lime blossoms, Cayenne, Black Cohosh, Horse Chestnut and Passionflower and many other ingredients with no proven ability to treat or prevent disease.

Their products are expensive. Their home page, on 30/3/2012, advertises a "Sinus Package Special" for R250 for what appears to be a month's supply.

The company discourages the use of pharmaceutical drugs. The following unsubstantiated -and very likely false- statement is on their homepage, "Although the human body is designed to cleanse itself naturally of normal waste products of digestion and metabolism, it is not equipped to deal with the additional toxic overload from chemical preservatives and pesticides, pharmaceutical drugs, artificial foods, and hectic stressful lifestyles." 

There is no evidence that any of this company's products work. Further, their use of the term "detox" is unscientific. There is no evidence that our bodies in the normal course of events need to be detoxified or that taking supplements will achieve detoxification.